Celtex's certifications


Within the European market, the CE marking is a guarantee of product safety. The CE mark on medical devices or on their packaging indicates that such devices comply with CE norm requirements relative to the use for which the devices have been manufactured.

“The CE mark is a passport allowing the free circulation of products within the European economic area (i.e., all EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). This reduces bureaucratic formalities and costs while maintaining a high level of safety.”

Iso 9001    

The ISO 9001:2008 certification is today the recognized worldwide reference for the certification of the quality management system of the organizations of all industries of all sizes.

 Through the certification, the company's focus is placed on the customers and their total satisfaction: its processes and activities are aimed at supplying products and services able to constantly meet quality and norm requirements, in order to attain complete customer satisfaction.


The Ecolabel is the European label of ecological quality certifying that the products have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

The Ecolabel was created by the European Union in order to help consumers choose the most ecological and environmentally friendly products.

All Ecolabel-marked products are controlled by independent institutions that constantly check their compliance with rigid ecological and performance criteria.


The food safety certification testifies to the company’s commitment with respect to food safety and hygiene:
- It confers the characteristics of safety required by consumers, retailers and food industry buyers
- It is based on the standards and the international guidelines of the Codex Alimentarius and on other international standards
- Periodic audits allow our company to constantly monitor our food safety and hygiene system.

      At Celtex, company activities, production processes and all raw materials used concur to create the value of every single product.

Being certified means choosing to work for full customer satisfaction through conformity of the products and of the production processes.

The company has chain of custody certification under both PEFCTM, Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, and FSC® standards. 

The FSC® label indicates that the wood used in the manufacture of the product comes from a forest properly managed in accordance with rigorous environmental, social and financial standards. 
PEFC     The PEFCTM logo provides information on the origin of timber products from sustainably managed forests and other non-controversial sources.