Aesthetic-Medical line

Celtex was the first company in Italy to propose a complete high-quality range of medical rolls dedicated both to the medical and to the aesthetic sectors.

Thanks to the work performed by our staff and to the experience matured in over the course of the years with medical offices, aesthetic centres and hospitals, the Celtex line of medical rolls answers the specific needs of this clientele with absolute professionalism and flexibility.

The possibility of choosing among many different heights and sheet counts are the features that make Celtex's aesthetic-medical range unbeatable when it comes to completeness of the offer. Individual packaging preserves hygiene and quality, which is an advantage to both the customer and the final consumer.

Celtex is also very attentive to the needs of customers in terms of stocking, preserving and subsequent disposal of the product.

- Extremely resistant, thin cardboard cores ensure perfect roll quality up to the last sheet, minimal space requirement and great ease of handling for disposal.

- The quality of the HD polyethylene used to package the individual medical rolls was designed to have the smallest environmental impact possible, while at the same time maintaining all the special features required for such a delicate product designed for environments sensitive to the health and wellbeing of its users.

All these features have allowed Celtex's medical rolls to attain the important certification of respect of the CE norm.

The fundamental references connected to the supply and services of special importance, whether in the realm of Public or Private health, make Celtex one of the most important suppliers in the field, both in Italy and abroad.

For the aesthetic-medical line, Celtex recommends the following products: medical rolls, disposable bibs, facial tissues, folded hand towels