Disposable products in paper and nonwovens for cleaning and hygiene.

Celtex ventures into the world of Ho.Re.Ca. with a complete range of cleaning and hygiene products.

Hotels, coffee shops, bars and restaurants have highly specialised and diversified cleaning and hygiene needs. Their size, the number of employees, daily customers, different uses of the services offered, type and category of establishment, constitute the differentiating elements that individually require a focused, specially-designed professional solution.

Celtex's main objective is to maintain hygiene, cleanliness and order in every ambience of the establishment - from the kitchens to the bathrooms, from the common halls to the bedrooms, from the reception to the bar area. Clean, orderly and hygienically safe environments are - just like comfort and service - determining factors for any public establishment and its clientele, who must acquire a pleasant feeling from their experience and be completely satisfied.

Celtex has always studied these factors in-depth and for this reason, it is able to supply companies and professionals working in the Ho.Re.Ca segment with a vast assortment of products and dispensers appropriate for answering every professional cleaning need arising from this field.

For the Ho.Re.Ca line, Celtex recommends the following products:Inter-folded toilet paper, toilet paper in rolls, folded hand towels, table napkins, tablecloths, facial tissues